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Tên lắp đặt : M236
Mã : 56


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IG236-Master Ds
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Quantity specification (excl. wastage)
Installation diagram (M236) for Master Ds, suspended installation
  Size, mm
1 Ecophon Master Ds 2,8/m²
2 Connect T24 Main runner HD, installed at 600 mm centres 1,7m/m²
3 Connect Wall bracket for T-profiles 1for every row of suspended Main runner HD
4 Connect Space bar, installed at 1500 mm centres (max. distance from wall 300 mm) 0,7m/m²
5 Connect Wall bracket, L=700 mm, for Space bar 1 for every row of Space bar
6 Connect T24 Cross tee, L=600 mm 2per row of Main runner
7 Connect Split pin, installed one per joint Main runner/Space bar 1,1/m²
8 Connect Adjustable hanger, installed at 1200 mm centres (max. distance from wall 600 mm) 0,7/m²
9 Connect Hanger clip 0,7/m²
10 Connect Angle trim, fixed at 300 mm centres as required
Min. overall depth of system: 150 mm -
Min. demounting depth: 50 mm -